Aras system integrates the TBT 300 and the control unit, in this way it can creates an interconnected radio network with different technologies and frequencies, so that every kind of communication, both of urgency or standard activity, is more slender and faster.

Aras system can be used in private, institutional and emergency sectors, below some examples of application scenery:


  • Civil Protection (it can quickly put in communication an operators network without they have the same radio and frequencies. Example Civil Protection with Police, Fire Fighters, Aircrafts, 118 ecc having one or more operative stations).
  • Aeronautic
  • Roustabout and maritime
  • Military
  • Antifire AIB
  • Helicopter rescue 118



Being a basic product for security’s prevention and communication’s speed to decrease the intervention’s rates, Aras TBT 300 was equipped of a fifth door to send emergency messages to populations through a repeater station FM and/or with radio’s installations/piped music (undergrounds, shopping centers, theaters, stadiums).