• Arrived on the place you’ve just to tune the frequencies and/or interface the present bodies radio in the operation’s theater (it’s desirable that the operations command had previously tuned the Aras with the bodies interfaced radio, in order to force just the work’s channel and be immediately operative).


  • Coordination’s facility for the operations command without unnecessary and deleterious “word of mouth”.
  • Create communication’s groups.
  • Possibility to communicate to all operators (civil protection, fire fighters, carabineers) keeping their own radio terminals.


  • Possibility to create radio groups or use Aras system setting connection’s door.
  • Modality set “Normal”- every connected bodies continues working on his own network without any Aras intervention, the connection can be if the body is called by the operations command that wants to connect to the main mesh radio or another body connected to Aras
  • Modality set “All above all”- all the connected bodies listen and communicate between them.
  • Modality set “Filtered all above all”- each door or body can be filtered for example: door A could be just in RX and doesn’t transmit Aras traffic and vice versa.


  • Aras TBT 300 connect every kind of analogical/digital radio with different frequencies, connecting up to 8 networks/radios.


  • Possibility to communicate directly to population through Aras FM’s door registration (Aras control unit).
  • Traffic’s registration with possibility to quickly play back last communications in case of misunderstandings by the operator.
  • Memorization of communications into a data base with an application of research for the historian.


  • Computerizing interface for pc’s management through the optional equipment “Aras control unit”.


Installed on TX van receiving radio links of the connected networks in case of a lack of radio links, the van can be placed in elevated position to have a better radio coverage, reporting on an only operative frequency all radio operators intervened on the emergency’s theater. Aras system born to meet needs of radio’s connection and coordination between aeronautical means, terrestrial networks and TLC’s different systems.ARAS TBT

The experimentation phase which lasts from 5 years in collaboration with the Minister develop economic-communication and ENAV, passed each test by radio linked bodies with simulations and real interventions on the ground. Aras system allows the aircraft’s pilot to speak through the aeronautical radio on board, with the personal on the ground at the intervention site and with the operative rooms of the concerned bodies, remotely using a terrestrial network VHF or UHF, analogical or digital and a PMR radio, automatically interfacing with the terrestrial/aeronautical system.

This thing represents an huge operative advantage because the pilot and the operators on board have the possibility to communicate with the operating rooms, the staff on the ground and the institutional stations in every moment of the flight so that they can receive all news in a very short time from the moment of the take-off even the arrival on the place.

This news could be information on the precise position of the site, closeness to high voltage cables, valued and updated time and ways of intervention, predisposition of the staff on the ground. Using board radio equipment, Aras system is immediately available for every aircraft committed in some emergencies although not previously equipped, it also doesn’t forces any aircrafts to make changes to their own radio apparatuses and it is completely in good standing according to Europe’s aeronautical regulations.