sistema aras


In case of natural or normal disasters, immediately warn the population is the main problem that all responsible bodies has. Indeed an early informing with a correct and univocal message which can reach most of the population, could make the difference on the consequential damages to people or things.

Aras system solves this kind of communication, connected one or more FM diffusion systems or networks, affecting only the affected area through prior installation.

Aras system can also be installed with link’s configuration on every radio or wire diffusion plant for an internal use like undergrounds, shopping centers, stadiums or theatres.

Aras System


The communication’s message to the population will be sent through a PMR radio VHF or UHF installed by the responsible body charge for the communication (local police, civil protection, prefecture ecc.) which will reach another transceiver connected to the Aras system that will use activation codes to stop normal radio’s and/or piped music’s transmissions to reproduces  the message, at the end radio’s and piped music’s programmation will be automatically restored. This operation can also be effectuated “on the ground” with a portable radio that reaches Aras/FM-Link’s location. Citizens have to be informed through an opportune sensitization campaign (advertising board, press and radio release) to know the connected issuers and local frequencies and link stations well served.

Particular attention was give to the continuity and quality of the radio transmission, indeed, “bypass” the BF doesn’t suffers any qualitative alterations and if Aras TBT doesn’t work for a failure or a lack of network the FM transmission will continue in the “transparent” function with no interruptions.

THE BF (low frequencies) of the issuer doesn’t suffer any qualitative alterations, besides the eventual message sent to the population fits into the radio’s transmission in the “auto-fading” function, so as to interrupt that just for the duration of the message.