Aras system born to meet needs of radio’s connection and coordination between aeronautical means, terrestrial networks and different systems of TLC. (TBT- earth, edge, earth)

  • Operatives advantages

Aras system allow the aircraft’s pilot to communicate through the aeronautical board radio, with the staff on the ground at the intervention site or with the Operations Room of the interested bodies, remotely using a terrestrial network VHF or UHF, analog or digital and a PMR radio (professional mobile radio) interfacing with the terrestrial/aeronautical system in a completely automatic way.

This thing represents an huge operative advantage because the pilot and the operators on board, having the possibility to communicate with the staff on the ground, the operating rooms and the institutional stations, in every moment of the flight, can receive all news in very short time from the moment of the take-off even the arrival on the place. They could be information on the precise position of the site, closeness to high voltage cables and other obstacles, valued and uploaded time and ways of intervention, predisposition of the staff on the ground.

Using board radio equipment, Aras system is immediately available for every aircraft committed in some emergencies although not previously equipped, it doesn’t forces any aircraft to make any changes to their own radio’s apparatuses and it is completely in good standing according to Europe’s aeronautical regulations.

In case of emergency it can be used for:

  • Wooded antifire
  • Helicopter rescue 118
  • Sea rescue
  • Alpine rescue

In standard situations it can be used for:

  • Airport
  • Naval
  • Prevention AIB

Esempio per un impiego aeroportuale.