Aras TBT 300 has the great benefit of being able to be interfaced with every kind of transceiver with DMR-TETRA-DIGITAL-ANALOGICAL technologies because it takes advantage of analogical outputs even if not provided by the interfaces on the devices to be integrated ( depicted systems are just an example of integration).



The system is made up of four independent channels (Tx/Rx) in audio band prepared for being connected to other four transceivers with a fifth dedicated channel for communication of BF signals coming from FM receivers. Each channel is independently managed through a microcontroller architecture.ARAS TBT


Each channel takes a dependent numerations from the expected bit on DB15 (ID 0/4) according to binary logic. Wiring’s realization is necessary to link TBT 300 to the transceiver system, and it determines channel’s number that might change in the 01-72 interval.                                                                                                     The fifth channel attests on two BNC connectors (bypass) the first for the input and the second for the audio output (audio management for FM receiver and/or piped music.

The system can be configured defining a prior channel (default nr.x) in which calls made from another enabled channel are inoltrated.


Successful connection on the radio mesh (between channel and the prior once) is reported by the green led M/SLAVE on. This connection remains active for an established maximum time in programmation (programmable time out, 8 seconds default) and it is reset with each use of concerned channels.



In case of normal operation, the system has all the doors not connected between themselves but if there an activation command (pulse or DTMF) interfaced to Aras can perform their normal activity. Example: figure 1, interfaced on CHd AM apparatus calls “logistic” with 2 releases it enables CHa, closing connection with B and C doors that would continue to be autonomous and isolated. The communication that is established is automatically dropped by a settable “time out” if there isn’t traffic so as to bring Aras in call waiting.

ALL ABOVE ALL (Tutti su tutti)

The doors are all connected  both Rx and Tx, so everyone can transmit and receive obviously waiting that the channel is free before committing it.

FILTERED ALL ABOVE ALL (Tutti su tutti filtrato)

The doors are all connected but unlike the all above all function there is the possibility to individually set the door with appropriate filters (ACDC-ACD-AS-ASD-DCP-APTT)

  • ADCD (directly enabled; when it works is in connection with a default channel or if it works on groups with all group’s channel).
  • ACD ( enabled in reception; receives CD signals but it doesn’t enable PTT command and it doesn’t transmit).
  • AS (enabled on DTMF codes and CS presence’s pulse; user that makes selection in one of the prescribed manner is guided towards the default channel or if it is figured as “users group” towards all the group’s channel).
  • ASD (enabled on direct selection; this operation makes available the habilitation with free DTMF selection or combine habilitation between DTMF codes and CD pulses).
  • DCP (disabled; the door doesn’t generates traffic).
  • APTT (enabled in transmission; receives PTT command and transmits without recognizing the CD and so it doesn’t receives).